Download the app Mapstr from the Apple Store or Google Play. Type in maps “France in LA” . This map which includes Southern California, Southern Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico, discover the best French restaurants, bars, supermarkets, shops and bakeries that you can support by buying their products and tasting your favorite French dish or pastry.

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Dans le cadre de la mise en œuvre d’un dispositif renforcé d’aide sociale pour soutenir les français de l’étranger durement touchés par la crise économique du COVID-19, le gouvernement met en place une aide ponctuelle exceptionnelle en faveur des Français de l’étranger selon les critères suivants :

- Inscription au Registre mondial des Français établis hors de France ;
- Perte ou diminution conséquente de revenus du fait de la situation économique du COVID-19 ;
- Absence de moyens propres pour traverser cette crise ;
- Absence de possibilité d’aide familiale, amicale, associative ;




This is a non exhaustive list of organizations geared towards the promotion of French language and/or culture as well as or companies where French nationals are working. If you would like to be listed, please send us an email.

  • École Publique

    • The Language Academy is a K-8 school in the San Diego Unified School District that offers students the unique opportunity to become biliterate in either Spanish and English or French and English.
  • Écoles Privées

    • La Petite Ecole – Lycee Francais de San Diego is a fully-immersive bilingual school of 215 students from 29 nationalities that offers small classes to students ages 2 and up. Accreditated by the French Ministry of Education, it uses traditional French teaching methods to build intelligent young scholars with strong moral characters, and the profound educational advantages that bilingualism provides.
    • San Diego French American School serves students in Nursery through Grade 8 from age 2 to 13 years old. SDFAS mission is to provide a rigorous dual-language immersion curriculum and unique multicultural experience that forges open-minded citizens.
  • Organisations Bénévoles Culturelles

    • Alliance Francaise de San Diego’s mission is to offer unique opportunities to all public to expand their linguistic and cultural consciousness by offering French classes using innovative methodology and material as well as programming artistic events in all disciplines that promote the richness and diversity of cultures from the French-speaking world and beyond.
    • House of France Our mission is to present a flavor of France and provide you with an opportunity to interact with French people or Francophiles in sunny San Diego. Visit us in Balboa Park. We are here to speak French with you, answer your questions and introduce you to some French food.
  • Organisations Bénévoles Professionnelles

    • French BioBeach French BioBeach’s board is composed of a strong network of local and international life science experts. Specialties San Diego Biotech Professional Network, International business, Life Sciences, scientific education.
  • Maison et Jardin

Consul Honoraire

Consul Honoraire de France

Consul Honoraire de France

Copyright by Consul Honoraire de France 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Consul Honoraire de France 2019. All rights reserved.